Let me introduce myself first, my name is Urshela (i don’t give a surname because i don’t pretend to be all that – I keep things simple)
Ja ek se n ding soos dit is en ek werk hard om seker te maak mense weet ek is hier om n verskil te maak.

I am an #afrikaansgirlwithanopinion. a (giggle…. ) because i don’t always think Afrikaans girls is taken seriously in the business environment we currently working in…. the 2020 crowd.
I have 20 years’ experience in Marketing industry and feel confident I can ask a question like this!

Have you ever just sat down and think my customer is ME……….

I am the customer so how would I want to receive any communication on social media, emailer, in-store point of sale, magazine, press adds only naming but a few.

For me the answer is simple – Keep it real don’t try and do analysis paralysis or spend thousands on research on how to figure out your customer behavior.

Example: If you have 20 Restaurants in South Africa or any other country with 1 store manager for each of your restaurants you have a walking research encyclopedia in each of them. Sit down and talk to them they know exactly what each and every one of your customers likes and dislikes, they can give u insight into behavioral patterns on what they order every day of the week, they can give you your customer LSM breakdown (Ohhhh, by the way, I don’t believe in LSM because this is out of Noah’s ark and media jargon). I believe that you have different tribes/segments and your group your customer tribes/segments together to form your Marketing strategy for each of your tribes.

Learn about your customers, talk to them. It is called Customer Discovery.

Use techniques like profiling and a-day-in-the-life-of. Don’t generalize your customers; personalize them. Make them real people with real needs. Do you help them with their work? Do you help them personally? Understand the difference. Understand how you help them and how that is important, why would they want to buy your product?

I find the marketing approach that we take is usually one size fits all and you are making a mistake, my neighbor and I, we live in the same suburbs we shop in the same stores but we don’t dress the same, we don’t eat the same food we don’t even drink the same alcohol, well maybe the gin part will be the same because I feel like everyone is drinking Gin now….. but we do visit the same restaurants because those are the only options we have in the suburb we live in. Yes, and you only serve certain foods that we would order and slowly you can form your pattern of our behaviors and start giving us what we continuously coming back for every end of the month.

My approach is simplicity is key……. and you will figure out who is your customer by keeping it real, so don’t overthink your marketing campaigns. Don’t spend hours in a boardroom deciding with 20 of your staff members who prefer the colors orange or blue and have an hour debate about this. ……… really your customers don’t care only you and your 20 highly paid administrators that is sucking up to you will go with whatever color the boss man choose. So just keep it simple.

I am so passionate about Marketing in General and I have so much to say but think about this article of mine. I am happy to chat in private or over a cup of coffee. email me: urshela@neuconsultancy.co.za

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