Most car ads look the same, driving on the road, showing the interior, safety features and size of the vehicle – this is to help you make decisions or make it worth consideration for this huge investment. Let us be frank cars are not inexpensive investments, so you need an advert that will fit in but still get your customer’s attention.

Hiring a Great Designer is so important, you need someone that can break the barriers, talk differently but still someone that can relate to your customer’s expectations and connect with them. I find most advertising is not taking the most important aspect into consideration – Keep it Simple!

I believe in finding the point of differentiation of your current customers and knowing what they want – taking the risk of not always being so focused around what your competitors are doing but what you and your business/product is all about and taking the risk to believe in your brand.

Your designer must keep it edgy, relevant, ensure you reach your customer but drawing attention to your brand. That attention must be a warm feeling of OMG I need this product/brand.

As jy my te veel gee om na te kyk stel ek rerig nie belang nie”. (so translated – if you give me too much to look at and take in, I will lose interest.)

In simple your designs and creative must be on point, if you are going to show up in your customer’s world make sure they know who you are and can identify with your designers creative.

To ensure that you keep your creative and brand consistent keep it clean and relevant – always ensure that your brand does not offend or distract people. Work with your designer that will stand with your brand’s promise. Don’t overthink your branding and don’t spend months on designing it – Pick your logo that resonates with every aspect of your business and your brand.

Trust your designers, they work hard, they do research and will give you the best possible outcome they believe will work for you.

Chat Soon, Urshela

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