Hi there! I am Urshela

As an Executive Marketing Manager I work independently consulting
for your business and provide my marketing expertise to clients.
Researches industries, markets, demographics, trends, sales
results, and other data related to the client’s products or services
they require.

I have been involved in the marketing industry for 20 years in the
Fashion Retail Industry. I specialize in providing advice on and

analysis/opinion/reviews of overall marketing strategies, marketing
costs and “auditing” of marketing campaigns and supplier relationships.

I am very innovative and a creative individual with a passion for what I
do. I am very optimistic and I am a driven individual with extremely
good motivational leader and management skills within my team
reflects this.

I enjoy the brainstorming appeal of group situations
but I find the pensive approach when working alone equally appealing.
I ensure and obtain maximum ROI and added value from marketing

budgets. As part of my service I also supply you with monthly
customized e-mail marketing trends newsletters for exclusive corporate

customers, based on current businesses they operate in.
From a advisory capacity I can review your current marketing
processes and assist with this ensuring it is streamlined.
Part of my strength is to ensure client and agency follow these
processes and assist with relationship building.

My services

Work directly with the Business Owner / Executive to develop and implement a marketing strategy, Involvement over at least 6 months  since this allows us to refine and implement the strategy and achieve optimal results.

Market research - SA & Africa

We help you take an outside-in view of your business through a review of the market you operate in and how key trends are shaping the industry.

Competitor reviews

We take a look at your competitors and leading companies in the industry to benchmark your marketing and suggest areas for improvement.

Customer profiling

We help you develop a clear picture of who your ideal customer or client is and how they make buying decisions.

Marketing Plans

We assist with your marketing plan and spend according to your marketing budget – this includes media bookings – which will then assist with positive impact on your sales


We help you develop the internal marketing processes between your team and all key players internally and externally. Processes documented professionally and communicated to all parties

Product launches

We manage new product launches from start to finish to ensure it happens timeoulsy and within budget.

Strategic Marketing Projects

Any project that broadly relates to the company brand, how product
brands are marketed and how marketing and sales work together to
achieve growth, it is our view a Strategic Project.

Include following :
Developing new brands or improving existing brands. Entering new

Defending against competitors – ensure we have your competitors
insight at any given time and develop opportunities to give you the
edge in our current economical climate.

Launching product innovations with your developers and assist with
innovation solutions.

Visual Marketing projects – work with your operations team to
implement new look and feel of store and assist with stores profiling
and segmentation – Premium, rural, CBD, Urban

How it works

We start by doing a review of your marketing activity, the brands at play and the overall market you operate in. Based on this review we will provide a proposal for our involvement. We treat each element as a mini project which we roll out over a period of a few months whilst keeping you advised on progress and results.

Let me make a difference! Get in touch NOW!

I always follow a collaborative approach, working closely with you to improve your marketing above the line and below the line initiatives.

It is through combining business knowledge of you and your teams and with my marketing skills, that we are able to deliver effective results, quickly and affordably.

As far as execution goes, we work either with your existing suppliers, or with our network of freelancers and small agencies.

I am committed as your Marketing Consultant to make a difference in any of your Campaigns or Projects.

References can be provided

My rates depend on your business requirements and can be discussed.